Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Secret ballot

A federal election has been called for August 21, 2010. After deposing Kevin Rudd in a party room coup, new Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard is seeing to be elected in her own right. Meanwhile Liberal leader Tony Abbott wants to make history by leading his party back into government after three years in opposition. I’ve felt let down and disappointed by the major parties at times. They often seem too beholden to powerful special interests, and unresponsive to the needs of ordinary voters. I only wish there was a viable alternative.

Senator Bob Brown of the Australian Greens was interviewed the other day about voting reform. To explain to my overseas reader(s), in Australia, preferential voting is used in the lower house, and the upper house uses proportional representation. He remarked how in his view, it was unjust that it was possible for a certain minor party Senator from Victoria to be elected with 1 per cent of the vote, and yet hold the balance of power in the Senate, alongside Nick Xenophon (IND, South Australia). He’s not perfect, but I think that having him in that position is preferable to the Greens.

I’ve met a couple of Greens candidates. I always make a point of talking to them whenever I see them out in the street handing out pamphlets. There's only certain parts of their platform that I agree with. I agree that we need to reorient our economy towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, and have decent, accessible health care and education. Who could argue against that? Then again, they also champion a myriad of other fashionable causes that are popular with the progressive inner city AB demographic.

It strikes me as inconsistent that the Greens oppose cruelty to animals, but don't have a problem with abortion. There's also no way I could ever vote for a party that supports voluntary euthanasia, untrammelled marital and adoption rights for same sex couples, and has a weak stance against illicit drugs. The problem is that when you talk to them they seem so benign and idealistic, yet as a whole their policies are radically evil. I pray that they never hold the balance of power in the Senate, or achieve their ambition of forming a Green government. If they did I'd have to do something drastic and go into self-imposed exile overseas.


feeno said...

Hey Boss

Oh, it's just a matter of time... ?

later, feeno

Ross said...

Hi Feeno.

The picture in this post is of a Liberal Party campaign advert from 1949, back before we had decimal currency. At this election Robert Menzies lead the Liberals to power. He was to be our longest serving Prime Minister, holding office until 1966, when he retired. He died in 1978.

JD Curtis said...

Yes Ross, I have some definate opinions on this matter. I would like to collect my thoughts and attempt to present them in a coherent manner.

What Ho Jeeves!