Friday, July 23, 2010

Chomping on onions

Pseudo Echo in the music video for their 1986 hit, Funky Town. Pierre Pierre is on the right.
It has been announced that Jim Carrey will be playing an obnoxious Frenchman in his next film, Pierre Pierre. I snickered quietly when I read this story. Why? Pierre Pierre (real name Pierre Gigliotti) was also the stage name of the bass/keytar player in Aussie rock band Pseudo Echo, who still tour around Australia to audiences of nostalgic generation X'ers. I've also been testing out Blogger's new image caption feature, as seen above.


Scott McPhee said...

What an amusing coincidence.

Will this be a source of amusement for Gen - Xers who will go to see this film when it gets released?

JD Curtis said...

You know? I think I actually have heard of Pseudo Echo before, many years ago.

Were they of the sort of the "Echo and the Bunnymen/Psychedelic Furs" genre?

Ross said...

JD, Pseudo Echo started out as a new romantic synth pop band, and progressed to a rock sound later on. Funky Town was a top ten hit in the US, so that's probably how you heard of them.