Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I recently moved house. This year I've been using Matt Jacoby's Thrive devotional booklets for my quiet times. Jacoby is better known as one third of Australian Christian band Sons of Korah. For those of you who don't know, they specialise in setting the Psalms to music. Perhaps because I was overzealous in cleaning, when I moved I somehow misplaced it. Rather than go without, I've been using John MacArthur's Grace to You devotionals. This entry stood out to me because MacArthur had a go at monastic Christians who shut themselves off from the world. Somewhat ironically I read this last week on the same day I visited the New Norcia Benedictine monastery in Perth during the Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association (ANZTLA) conference. The monastery is an amazing place, and one of the monks gave us a guided tour of the premises. We were also given special access to areas not normally open to the public, and took part in monastic prayers. As for MacArthur, I may not agree with some of his theological views, such as his stance against Roman Catholicism, but most of his devotional writings seem to be good. He'll tide me over until the end of the month when the next issue of Thrive is published.

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