Friday, November 17, 2006

Worshipping at the altar of the cathode ray

This piece of prose, a paraphrase of Psalm 23, is one of a selection of "warm fuzzies" on flyers available from a display stand in the newcomer's lounge at Crossway Baptist in Burwood, which I visited recently.


If T.V. is my mentor, I shall not think
It makes me lie down on soft couches,
It helps me avoid exercise
till "tomorrow"
It densitises my soul.
It leads me in ways of unrighteousness
for toleration's sake.
Even though it broadcasts
violence and death
I am not shocked, for I am used to it.
The soapies and the sitcoms
comfort me.
The high priests of TV prepare news
to adjust and change my opinions.
The ads appeal to my greed,
my faith is embarrassing.
Surely my politics and my ethics will be
dictated by T.V. all the days of my life
And I will dwell in confusions
and apathy forever.


Kitty Cheng said...

oh you visited Crossway, wow that's a fair way from Glenroy isn't it?

Yes this is a great paraphrase of Psalm 23.

Ross said...

Kitty, I visited Crossway because a classmate at Kingsley who attends there invited me. From what I've seen it's a good church.

Kitty Cheng said...

Yes I've been there a few times (actually I had my Tabor graduation ceremony there), and the Executive Pastor Mike Grechko used to be my lecturere at Tabor. I've also visited the Chinese service too. But it's a tag too far from where I live.

sabrina said...

Was wondering if I want to work as a part time librarian, do I need to have certain qualifications?

Ross said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yes, to answer your question, there are specific qualifications needed to work in this field. See this link for more information. Hope this helps.