Wednesday, November 29, 2006


In what I imagine would be a rare display of organisational dysfunction, the RACV inadvertedly issued me with a Gold membership card (pictured at right). These cards are supposed to be issued to members with at least 25 years of RACV membership. According to the card, I've been an RACV member since October 1982. Considering I've only been driving for 13 years, and was only eight years old at the time, this is news to me. The only vehicle of any description that I used back then was my first bike, which was a red Roadmaster with U-shaped handlebars, bought from Iral's Toy Wonderland in Watsonia. All the cool kids in my neighbourhood had BMX's, which of course ruled me out. Although I fet self-conscious riding it, this bike gave me many years of use, serving me until my teen years, when I upgraded to a mountain bike. Needless to say, I had to contact the RACV to get this sorted out. A replacement card is on the way.

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