Monday, November 13, 2006

Lano and Woodley

Your's truly was one of the assembled throng who gathered at the Regent Theatre on Saturday night for the final show of Lano and Woodley's Goodbye tour. For those of you who didn't see this show in its travels around Australia, make sure you see the DVD. Excluding the coarse language, it was hilarious. I haven't laughed so much in ages, at least not since I watched Benny Hill on Channel 7 last Saturday night. The show featured their usual mixture of skits, slapstick, songs, interpretative dance, and so on. Another attraction was the chance to play spot the entertainer. Wayne Hope, Adam Richard and Jo Stanley from Fox FM, Age columnist Danny Katz, Shaun Micallef, and Brian Nankervis were among those in the audience. During the interval Glenn Robbins politely held open the door of the men's room for me, believe it or not. To Lano and Woodley, thanks for many years of laughs, and I wish you well in your future careers. So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Kitty Cheng said...

Yes I saw Your's truly and it was really funny! I like Lano & Woodley, and went to their goodbye tour during the comedy festival earlier this year. It's a pity that they are parting company isn't it?

Wow looks like Glenn Robbins is not only humourous, he is a gentleman too (given that he held open the door for you LOL).

Ludicrousity said...

Wish I'd gone to the final show! I did go to a 'goodbye' show of theirs in May when they were in Melb the first time. They are comic geniuses for sure! So very clever!

Ross said...

Yes, I heartily agree.