Monday, December 26, 2016

Fairy floss?

Merry Christmas to my reader. My Christmas Day started at the gym. I turned on the video screen on my exercise bike, and lo and behold, Channel 10 was screening controversial televangelist, Joel Osteen's programme. Somewhat impulsively, I picked up my smartphone and took a picture of the screen.

The gym was mostly empty this morning. I couldn't hear what Osteen was talking about. The exercise bike has a headphone jack on it, but I didn't bring mine with me. Judging by his happy expression and body language, I could tell that it was a positive message. Osteen is known for preaching positive sermons.

I don't think that I'm the only Christian who goes to my gym, but I was probably the only one who was there yesterday morning. I thought to myself, I wonder if the other gym patrons had heard of Osteen. If they have, maybe they think he's another shonky American televangelist, just like other ones from recent years, using religion to finance his lavish lifestyle.

These smears are probably unfair. My issue with Osteen is his teaching. He heavily emphasises God's love and encouragement, but seems to overlook the other aspects of his character, such as His justice and holiness.

God could use Joel Osteen's show playing on a television screen in a suburban gym to plant a seed to reach the unreached, and perhaps compel them to look into Christianity more, and come to saving faith in Jesus. If they do, I hope that they find a church that offers more substantial teaching than Joel Osteen offers.

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