Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Not funny or clever

No, you're not watching a skit from an undergraduate university revue. This is an election advertisement from the Australian Sex Party. The political arm of the Eros Foundation, a sex industry lobby group, the Sex Party's policy platform at this year's Australian federal election calls for ending tax exemptions for religious organisations. Never mind the double standard of the pornography industry mocking the Catholic church over clergy sexual abuse.

At this stage they're targeting Christian churches, and making the spurious claim that they have too much influence on Australian politics. They'll have to do better than playing the theocracy bogeyman. There's no mention of other religions, or mosques, ashrams, or temples. Get real. From where I'm sitting, Australia is hardly in danger of becoming a theocracy. They're wasting their energy getting worked up over a problem that doesn't actually exist.

Perhaps their real motive is to remove religion from the public square. If this video is to be believed, they're the ones standing in the way of same sex marriage, which has become the pet cause of so-called progressives. In the United States, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, and France, are all countries which have high numbers of Catholics, but have legalised same sex marriage in recent years. Catholic opposition to this change actually made no difference. I've no reason to think that it will be any different in Australia.

I know Christians who are standing as election candidates. Their modest aims start and end at giving the segment of the Christian constituency who support them a voice in the corridors of power, so that they, along with a plurality of other voices, can have input into decisions affecting the whole nation. They have never said anything about enacting a Christian theocratic government in Australia. Their Christian values will influence their decision making, in much the same way that a secular person has their own values grid that influences their decisions.

Sleep soundly, secularists of Australia. Those sinister Christians are not going to take your country away from you.


Dina said...

And a sex party probably won't take your country away from you! It works both ways, probably.

Dina said...

Also...from what I saw in the news today, the Catholic Church has been engaging in some very unsavory sexual activity these past decades. HOPEFULLY, the Australian Sex Party doesn't support that kind of sexual activity.

Dina said...


Yeah. There's a lot of sadness and ugliness in the world.

Ross said...

I agree with you. The Catholic Church has done some appalling things. I've followed this issue for many years.

I also know some people who used to be involved in the adult industry. They're still affected by it now. To be honest with you, it makes me sad.

Australia is a pluralistic society, and in my mind, Christians have just as much right to participate in political discourse as anyone else.