Friday, May 06, 2016

From Redcliffe, by way of Manchester

I present another in my occasional series in which I look at the music charts for this week in a given year in the past. The number 1 single this week back in May 1979 was Lay Your Love on Me by Racey. The band enjoyed limited success in the late seventies and early eighties. The singles in the number 23 and 24 positions respectively were Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello, and Tragedy by the Bee Gees.

Sadly, the world is just as tumultuous now as it was when Costello released that song, which alluded to such global troublespots as Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Cyprus. Tragedy was on the set list when Barry Gibb did his solo tour of Australia in early 2013. Real talent and good song writing stands the test of time, even if his falsetto vocals aren't as strong as they were at the height of the Bee Gees' popularity.

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