Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Emotional depth

Cast your minds back to 1968. This was the year that Engelbert Humperdinck released his hit, A Man Without Love. The song is about a man expressing heartbreak over an ended romance.

It's a mystery to me where Engelbert found the passion and emotion for his performance. He wasn't drawing on personal experience. He has been married for over fifty years. As well as that, he has also remorsefully admitted to having a string of extramarital relationships.

It can safely be said that unlike the protagonist of the song, he has never been without love.


Bill said...

If I cast my mind back to 1968 I'm more likely to recall the Monkees. :)
But I do remember Mr. Humperdink. In the famous rivalry with Tom Jones, my mother favored Mr. Jones.
Great song. Thanks for sharing it.

Ross said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I wasn't even born or thought of in 1968.

The Monkees had some good songs. There's no shame in liking them. :)

Tom Jones has also embraced the adulation of his female fans.