Thursday, March 05, 2015

Doggy breath

Back in the golden days of 1993 Christian rock band PFR released their second album, Goldie's Last Day. The song is about bass player Patrick Andrew's beloved late dog, Goldie. I don't know if the song has a Christian subtext. I speak from personal experience when I say that through the unconditional love and loyalty they offer, dogs can often be a source of comfort to their owners in times of suffering and sadness. I often wonder if they can be an instrument of God's grace.

If a dog sees that its owner is sad, it might offer consolation in the form of a paw on his or her lap, or gently nudge you to put your arm around it. In times of crisis, some human beings aren't much help at all. They either ignore you, offer empty platitudes, or offer unwanted advice. Just like Job's friends, they amount to "miserable comforters." (Job 16:2). Unlike some humans, dogs never let you down.

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Scottyboy said...

Good thoughts here. I could relate to what you wrote.