Friday, February 27, 2015

Deluded fanatics

The Islamic State continues on its murderous rampage throughout Iraq, Syria, eastern Libya, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, and other areas of the Middle East,  North Africa, South Asia. They are truly inhuman. Each day seemingly brings more news of their atrocities. As if this isn't bad enough, now they have ransacked a Mosul museum. They have destroyed artefacts that are thousands of years old, claiming that they are "idolatrous." In like manner, they've destroyed thousands of irreplacable books and manuscripts in Mosul libraries.

Where will this end? As I write this, world leaders seem incapable of finding a solution to stop them. All I know that their mad vision of global domination will never come about, because the one true God always thwarts tyranny. ISIS are deluded fanatics, and it seems that a swift and decisive military action is the only way to deal with them.

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