Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mind games

If the opinion polls are correct, on the morning of November 30, Daniel Andrews will wake up as the new Premier of Victoria.

Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews
It has been well publicised that Mr Andrews cattle farmer father has terminal cancer and has weeks to live. Yesterday a media contingent was bussed onto the farm for the auctioning off of his cattle holdings. Clips of the auction were shown on the evening television news bulletins. 

What is not clear is whose decision it was to do this. is Mr Andrews comfortable with sharing what should be a private matter with Victorian voters, or did this idea come from Labor Party campaign headquarters? 

You would have to have a cold heart to not feel compassion for Andrews at this difficult time. By all accounts he is a decent man. Even so, it looks like an attempt to leverage his father's illness in an attempt to give him a favourable image and garner sympathy votes from the Victorian public. 

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