Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jumping on the plastic bandwagon

Cinemablend reports today that hot on the heels of this year's massively successful The Lego Movie, a movie is also in the works. Business news sites such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal reported that The Lego Movie boosted sales of Lego toys. No doubt Brandstätter, makers of the Playmobil line, are hoping for similar results when their film is released in 2017.

No casting decisions have yet been made, but one actor springs readily to mind; Norwegian Espen Eckbo. In the mockumentary Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced (2000), the fictional boy band Boyzvoice performed the song We Are the Playmomen while dressed as Playmobil characters. Eckbo played their lead singer M'Pete.

This film is a work of comic genius. It is well worth tracking down either on DVD or on one of its occasionally showings on SBS television here in Australia. If Eckbo is cast in the film, will his character say, "I'm a boy," or "I'm a big dork?" My reader will know this reference if he or she has seen the film.

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