Thursday, June 05, 2014

That's hardly earth shattering, is it?

Occasionally I read the blog Groupsects. My take on it is this. The person who runs this blog doesn't let on much about his background, but reading between the lines, the astute reader can work it out for themselves.

He used to attend a church, but was treated badly because of his sexuality. This blog is his way of seeking retribution.

He does this by aggregating news stories about bad things that Christians do, both leaders and laypeople. It might be sexual misconduct, financial fraud, murder, bizarre behaviour informed by acting on distorted teaching, spiritual abuse, dysfunction, and the like.

When I look at this blog, it seems to be about mudslinging. It’s all well and good to aggregate news stories about bad things that Christians do, but it’s not offering a corrective. Most thinking Christians are already well aware that the church is in trouble, so I don't find anything earth shattering here either. The perfect church does not exist, and you won't find it on this side of eternity.

Plenty of people have been given the rough end of the stick by churches, which is very sad. Rather than acting in isolation to relentlessly bag the church and Christians out for their shortcomings, I suggest that obtaining some counselling or forming a support group to help each other heal and move on is a more constructive response.

In any case, I’m nothing without Jesus, and I am utterly incapable of living a life that honours God (Isaiah 64:6) without His grace and mercy. There is no room for pride or feelings of superiority, thinking, "I'm glad I'm not like them." (Luke 18:9-14). To any non-Christians who read that blog, and think, “if that’s what Christians are like, then I don’t want to be one,” I say that even if some Christians are hypocrites, and I do mean some, it doesn't mean you’re off the hook with God. No man or woman has an excuse. You need to bow your knee at the foot of the cross, repent, and receive forgiveness and salvation.

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