Friday, June 06, 2014

A good habit to be into

It was 40 years ago in 1974 that Adelaide based nun Sister Janet Mead of the Sisters of Mercy order had a worldwide hit with her rock version of The Lord's Prayer. She was the second nun to have a top ten hit in the Billboard Hot 100, preceded in 1963 by Sister Luc-Gabrielle, who had a hit with Dominique.

Following in Luc-Gabrielle and Mead's footsteps is Sister Cristina Scuccia, an internet sensation who won the Italian version of television singing competition The Voice. It remains to be seen how her career will turn out after this, but good on her for her achievement and sharing her gift with her fellow Italians.

Mead has shunned the limelight, but she deserves the distinction of being among many Australian female solo artists to have international hits in the 1970's just like her contemporaries, Olivia Newton-John and Helen Reddy.

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