Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coming soon to Australia?

Same sex marriage campaigners, such as Australian Greens MP, Adam Bandt, have long attempted to placate religious opponents of same sex marriage who are concerned about how such reforms will impact upon the churches. Bandt said that his private member's bill, introduced to the Federal Parliament earlier in the year, contained provisions to protect members of the clergy from being penalized if they declined to perform same sex marriages.

Our friends across the Tasman Sea are also debating this issue, and according to a recently obtained legal opinion, if same sex marriage becomes legal, all marriage celebrants, church elders, leaders, photographers, caterers and any other person or entity supplying services to the public will be forced to be involved in such weddings, or be in violation of human rights legislation.

Despite Bandt's platitudes, there is no reason to think that the same situation will eventuate in Australia if  same sex marriage advocates achieve their aims. In the eyes of some elements of society, it is unfashionable to be a theologically conservative Christian. Soon it may very well become illegal.

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