Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stick your boots in

Nearly four weeks ago I wrote on this blog about the storm in a teacup that Loree Rudd, sister of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, found herself in when she was interviewed about her campaign against the legalization of same sex marriage in Australia. Specifically she was taken to task and had her name dragged through the mud for her remarks about the heavy handed tactics that the more militant elements of the gay rights movement use against their opponents.

Now we find the same thing done to Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine. In the face of the relentless push for same sex marriage rights, and the demands of same sex couples to be given the right to adopt and raise children, all she did was dare to assert that the best way for children to be raised is by a mother and father.  For daring to express such an opinion, she found herself pilloried in public discourse as a nasty bigot.

The same thing happened to Rebecca Hagelin last week when she addressed a rally organised by several pro-family groups in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra. Part of her address warned that the legalization of same sex marriage will create the circumstances in which other interest groups will start queueing up to agitate for new forms of marriage to suit their particular preferences. The fact that her warnings are already proving to be accurate is of no consequence to her opponents.

The Left is often fond of making themselves out to be more open minded and tolerant than those nasty conservatives. Once again we see that this is merely a facade. They show their true colours when someone dares to question or oppose their agenda. They think nothing of twisting the words of their opponents, or slander and intimidation. It's outrageous, and nobody seems to take them to task for it.

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