Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memory lane

The sign in question
In a bygone era, in the days before television arrived in Australia in late 1956, the Listener In was a radio guide published in Australia to enable you, the wireless listener, to look up the broadcast schedule for the next episode of Blue Hills or Dossier on Demetrius. Those were the days of the wonderful wireless. As a very young child I remember visiting my grandmother's house, and the radio she owned was a floor standing unit which was housed in a large wooden cabinet, and had tuning dials. It was later retitled as Listener In-TV and then TV Scene. After some investigating some library catalogues, I discovered that TV Scene ceased publication in 1987.

To a mind that often becomes preoccupied with trivial matters, all of this raises the question of why this sign is still on a newsagent's advertising hoardings in outer suburban Melbourne in 2011. There are two possible explanations that I can think of. The shop owner has retained it for nostalgic value, or he or she is too lazy to hire a painter to paint over it. You be the judge. 


JD Curtis said...

That or he's waiting for it to come back into vogue so he can say a hearty bellylaugh See? I told you so!

Daniels said...

I just tracked you from ur comment in a Sri lankan Cooking blog. Still new and reading what u've said. Good work!! Mine about movies