Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Looking like a dill

From the Adelaide Advertiser: 

Sarah Hanson-Young has made an embarrassing blunder claiming Australia Day is celebrated in memory of Captain Cook’s landing at Botany Bay rather than commemorating arrival of the First Fleet.

To make matters worse, the error was contained in a statement to the press lashing Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and his department for not knowing the name of the indigenous nation where the Government was erecting a memorial to Captain James Cook.

“Despite an important national debate about changing the date of Australia Day away from Captain Cook’s landing at Botany Bay, the Government has decided to spend taxpayer money it is stripping from the ABC on yet another monument to Captain Cook on the land of the Dharawal people,” Senator Hanson-Young was quoted as saying in the press release.

“This Government is out of touch with the Australian people — taking money from our most trusted news service which will no doubt lead to further job cuts, and ignoring why our First Australians find the celebration of the arrival of Captain Cook so painful in one fell swoop.”

The Advertiser understands the error was made by a staff member. A press release correcting the mistake was issued about an hour later.

She later said that the error was made by a member of her staff. If this is true, I wonder who was responsible. Is it someone who has gone straight from a cloistered, rarefied private school environment, onto a cloistered, rarefied university, and then to a position as a political staffer?

By from the National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom, Public Domain, Link

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