Friday, January 19, 2018

Act your age, not your shoe size

Triple J is moving its Hottest 100 countdown from Australia Day to January 27. The radio station said it moved the countdown in recognition of “increasing debate” surrounding and the day’s meaning for indigenous people. In response, Senator Cory Bernardi, leader of the Australian Conservatives Party, decided to compile his own alternative list of 100 Australian songs on Spotify. The created controversy, when many of the artists on the list demanded they be removed from it.

To paraphrase, "You and your party are against everything I stand for. I refuse to let you use my music for your political purposes," they said.

Bernardi also invited suggestions from Twitter users. Leftist keyboard warriors couldn't resist the opportunity to smear and mock him by suggesting songs like Mummy Doesn't Know You're a Nazi, by Frenzal Rhomb, and Christian songs with titles such as Jesus Use Me, He Touched Me, and Hallelujah, The Lord's Coming Again. Well, tee hee, and chortle. What shining wits these people are. 

Two can play at that game. Here's some of my song suggestions for the other side, some of whom stubbornly cling to socialist ideology, despite ample historical evidence that it doesn't work. 

Dahp Prampi Mesa Moha Chokchey (National anthem of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge)
The East is Red by Li Youyan
The Internationale (Traditional)
Haste Siempre, Comandante by Carlos Puebla
Onwards Toward the Final Victory by Kim Moon Hyuk and Yoon De Geun
Solidarity Forever (Traditional)
The Stalin Album by the Red Army Choir
State Anthem of the Soviet Union (1944 version) by Alexander Alexandrov 

Here ends today's history lesson. 


Sold for a penny said...

And Angry Anderson (Baha'i) lashed “precious” musicians. “The reason we write and record music is to give it to people,” the Rose Tattoo front man said.
“Music is for everybody. It belongs to everyone. You can’t then turn around and say: ‘I don’t want to be associated with you.’
“Well, tough t.....s.” He added: “While Cory Bernardi might be hurting the precious few’s feelings, we’re a democracy and he has every right to make a list of Australian songs he listens to, and enjoys. I’m tired of the Left’s ridiculous antics.”

Ross said...

Good on Angry Anderson. He hasn't forgotten his roots. Considering how hard it is to make a living as a musician, how many Australian musicians can afford to say that they don't want certain people as fans?