Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Lacking the common touch

Christopher Pyne hasn't done himself any favours lately. He has been accused of attempting to undermine the party’s candidate for the seat of Barker at the 2013 federal election by suggesting an independent run against him. On top of that, he is believed to have pressured another Liberal colleague to relinquish her seat to him if his electorate is abolished.

Back in 2009, he contacted activist group GetUp, in an attempt to drum up support for then opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull. GetUp has strong links to the Labor Party. Indeed, Labor leader, Bill Shorten used to be on its board. Not only that, but GetUp has consistently campaigned against Liberal government policies.

In his capacity as defence minister, he is also spending $50 billion of Australian taxpayers money on submarines for the Royal Australian Navy, that will be obsolete before they're commissioned for service.

If Pyne ever had leadership ambitions, and no press gallery journalist, to my knowledge, has ever speculated that he does, surely he can now forget about them. If there's any justice in politics, his parliamentary colleagues should not reward disloyalty like he has shown, not to mention his arrogance. Voters are getting tired of arrogant politicians. Conduct like his surely must be a contributing factor towards the Turnbull government's low approval ratings, and voter disillusionment with the major parties. f-plan-to-oust

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