Saturday, October 28, 2017

Posthumous correspondence

History Revealed magazine is a fun and engaging read on my long train commute to work. Among the facts I learned from this month's issue, an article about Martin Luther stated that Katharina von Bora wrote a letter to him in "1923." This is no mean feat, considering that Luther and von Bora were married in 1525, and he died in 1546, and she in 1552. This letter actually dates from 1523. Did the author or subeditor make this error?

Secondly, each monthly issue features a regular section listing significant historical events that took place in that particular month. Apparently, on 21 October 1905, Horatio Nelson was mortally wounded by being shot in the shoulder with a musket. Nelson died on that day in 1805, aged 47, and not in 1905, aged 147.

Attention to detail, please. 

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