Friday, September 01, 2017


Up until now, I haven't written anything about Australia's current same sex marriage debate, and the forthcoming postal survey. That was until this article appeared in today's Guardian. The author attempts to portray same sex marriage supporters as the underdogs in this debate, fighting against powerful conservative elites. Is she deliberately skewing the situation because it suits her ends? If so, this is highly disingenuous. It appears that these people ignore any facts that challenge their narrative.

Never mind that the same sex marriage movement has the support of most of Australia's mainstream print and electronic media, the majority of Australia's business community, academia, and the GetUp activist group. It is well documented that GetUp is financially supported by American billionaire financier and philanthropist, George Soros.

While I don't have access to the exact amounts of money each side is spending on their respective campaigns, it's safe to say that the yes campaign has more money at its disposal to spend, and therefore has the upper hand in the debate, and the no campaign is facing an uphill battle to counter it. It makes you wonder who the real underdogs are here.

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Dina said...

It's strange about debates.

I feel the same way about the Palestinian-Jew debate. I often hear the Palestinians say that the media is against them, and that most of the world takes Israel's side. But I feel it's very much the opposite.

With the same sex marriage thing in Australia, though I'm on the opposite side of the debate as you (I think?) I do agree that the pro-same sex marriage side has more support.