Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Dodgy registered training organisation (RTO) Acquire Learning went into voluntary administration earlier this month, and yesterday was fined $4.5 million by the Federal Court for its unethical conduct, preying upon vulnerable prospective students, The company used brokers to convince students to sign up for courses they were unlikely, and in some cases incapable of completing. As an inducement, they were also offered free laptop computers.

Not only is the Australian taxpayer being ripped off. It sullies the reputation of Australia's vocational training industry. In late 2015 I visited their premises for some career advice. The consultant I met with didn't even bother to look at my CV. She was more interested in attempting to enrol me in a course. I recently completed a course at a legitimate RTO, I am glad that I was not taken in by Acquire's sales tactics.


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