Sunday, April 16, 2017

A beautiful set of numbers

The Bible is an inexhaustible treasure of wisdom. I was reminded of this again on Easter Sunday, when I visited a Baptist church in one of Melbourne's outer suburban growth corridors. In his sermon, the pastor quoted from the words of Jesus, recorded in John 19:28 and 30. Just before he died on the cross, Jesus said, "it is finished."

In the Greek language, the word for this phrase is tetelestai. In the Strong's Concordance, the word also means to accomplish, complete, execute, conclude, or discharge a debt. I didn't know that in New Testament times, this same word was written on business documents or receipts when an account was fully paid. John, writing to a Greek speaking audience, deliberately chose this word. Their account with God was settled. Jesus had died to pay for their sins. He also died for the sins of anyone who truly puts their faith in him.

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