Saturday, March 11, 2017

Grief and loss

Controversial Australian artist and cartoonist for The Australian newspaper, Bill Leak, died suddenly yesterday. He was 61 years old. By all accounts, he was loved by his family and friends, who will miss him dearly, and supported him in his campaign for freedom of speech in Australia. Unfortunately, he also had many enemies in the offence industry, including human rights activists, the mainstream media, and internet armchair critics.

They smeared and vilified him as bigoted, racist, and homophobic, and some of them gloated over his death, using social media to dance on his grave. They forget that he was also a husband and a father. Think how his wife and children must be feeling right now. I dare say that non of these critics have experienced the sudden and unexpected loss of a father. And to to think that they like to pride themselves on their so-called tolerance.

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