Sunday, October 02, 2016

One day in October

Australians are known for being passionate about their sport. I've sometimes heard pastors describe this as an idol. In other words, it's a substitute religion for those who want nothing to do with organised religion. It offers people a sense of belonging, community, and purpose that they feel that they cannot get from Christianity.

During AFL season, hundreds of thousands of people attend football matches on most weekends. This probably exceeds the number who attend church. Football players are often hero worshipped. I write this as someone who often struggles with idolatry myself.

How refreshing it is to read about players such as Gary Ablett Jr and Aaron Hall (Gold Coast Suns), Dawson Simpson (GWS Giants), Zac Smith (Geelong Cats), who unashamedly declare that their identity and purpose in life comes from their faith in Christ, and not from their sporting ability. What they have in Jesus will last long after their football careers are over.

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