Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wearing out your welcome

Bronwyn Bishop has announced that she intends to renominate for preselection for her seat of Mackellar, which she has held since 1994. I agree with commentators such as former federal opposition leader John Hewson, and former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, who believe that she should retire from Parliament altogether.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott took a lot of political damage for his loyalty to her during the 2015 controversy over the misuse of her travel allowance, and she repayed him by backing Malcolm Turnbull when he challenged Abbott for the Liberal leadership in September 2015.

Any potential challenger to her preselection knows that she is vulnerable because of her poor conduct towards her former leader, and her inept performance as Speaker. Her standing with her conservative Parliamentary colleagues and with the voters of Mackellar must surely be greatly diminished. Even if she contests the next election, she might lose her seat. It's time for her to move on.    


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