Saturday, November 14, 2015

Knockout punch?

This is supposed to be a "gotcha" meme, one of the favoured weapons in the arsenal of internet atheists. These internet atheists are fond of claiming that Adolf Hitler was a Christian. At the time he said this, Hitler would not take power for four and a half years. One can look at both his private and public statements, and find both pro and anti-Christian rhetoric coming from the same mouth.

To his distorted mind, true Christianity was corrupted by the apostle Paul, and Jesus Christ was not Jewish, but Aryan. Hitler sounded sympathetic to Christianity and courted churches out of political expediency. But had Nazi Germany won the Second World War, he would have eliminated the churches altogether.

The fact of the matter is that the atheist claim that Hitler was a Christian does not stand up to historical scrutiny, as any reputable scholar will affirm. Their work is a far more reliable source of information than a selective quote in a meme.


Dina said...

It doesn't really matter if he was Christian, atheist, a member of the occult, a vegetarian, not a vegetarian, etc.

Having one bad apple in a group doesn't mean the whole group is bad. But I think that's what people are trying to imply when they point out that Hitler is this or that.

Ross said...

Thanks for your comment.

When any public figure claims to be a Christian, it's prudent to scrutinise these claims to see how sincere the person making the claims is. At the same time, i find it's also wise to regularly assess whether or not my life is consistent with my profession.