Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ultra-conservative firebrand

My brother and I were among the hundreds of people who attended a rally in support of traditional marriage this Sunday. The ethnic diversity of both the crowd, and the speakers who addressed the rally meant that the small number of people attempting to disrupt it soon realised that they couldn't use one of their rehearsed chants. I forget the words they used, but it implied that being opposed to same sex marriage is just like supporting the racist anti-miscegnation laws of the past.

The authorities did an excellent job of maintaining order at this event. In an attempt at provocation, one pair of trouble makers kissed each other in front of the crowd, while their comrades played loud music by artists such as George Michael and Bronski Beat in an attempt to drown out the speakers.

I was pleased to see that after the rally finished, and the crowd dispersed, people on both sides of this debate were having a civil discussion with each other. On the other hand, this event received no media coverage, nor did any of the other rallies held in Australian capital cities last Sunday. This disappointed me, but the mainstream media is blatantly biased towards same sex marriage, so I wasn't expecting them to report on the rallies.

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