Thursday, January 15, 2015

One of life's little ironies

Naomi S. Baron has released the findings of a survey comparing use of e-reader devices to printed books. These findings corroborate with similar studies, which consistently show that readers of printed books have better concentration levels, and retain more of what they read than those using e-readers.

At work we have an iPad as a way of encouraging students to use our ebook platform, and I also recently bought one of my own. I went to town loading it up with some free and public domain ebooks, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Charles Dickens's Great Expectations.

I may or may not download some non fiction titles as well, because I prefer to read them more carefully. The irony comes from me using the internet to express the opinion that it's better to read in print than online. What do you prefer?

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B said...

I remember this article.

I am torn about the real book vs kindle book issue. While I love feeling a hard copy book in my hands, the kindle makes reading easier because you don't have to worry about shelf space, and it's easier to take it with you. (kindle app on the ipad, iphone, etc)

I honestly have never had a problem switching back and forth between reading a real book and reading the kindle. Both are equally enjoyable experiences for me.

There are tons of public domain kindle books. Enjoy!