Friday, December 26, 2014

The Hi-Fi Club

Compact discs were meant to replace vinyl records, but vinyl has made a comeback. Old vinyl records are highly collectable, and current artists are releasing their albums on vinyl. Some people may now be regretting throwing out their vinyl records collections. Other people have kept them, not because they knew they would become fashionable again, but simply because they have an aversion to throwing things out.

In Christmas 1981 Bert Newton teamed up with the Debney Park High School band to release the spoken word single, Bring Back the Spirit of Christmas. I distinctly remember my mother buying this single for herself and for a couple of friends and relatives. She still has it today. A few thousand people bought it, helping it to become a minor hit around Australia. 


Scottyboy said...

I think the said band, appeared on New Faces, too.

Ross said...

From memory, the single also received heavy airplay on Bert's 3UZ radio show.