Thursday, October 02, 2014

Let's be accurate

James Campbell of the Herald-Sun is speculating about who might become
Victorian Liberal leader if the Napthine government is voted out of office in the November 29 Victorian state election. Already the Liberals have narrowed the field down to two possible options; Treasurer Michael O'Brien, and Planning Minister Matthew Guy.

O'Brien went to Marcellin College, a private Catholic school, and then graduated from Melbourne University, and studied law. Prior to entering politics, he worked as a solicitor and barrister. Meanwhile, Guy went to Montmorency High School. Campbell might care to know that it was actually renamed Montmorency Secondary College when he attended there. After high school he went on La Trobe University, graduating from there with a Bachelor of Arts in 1995.

Campbell claims that aside from positions at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Victorian Farmers Federation, Guy has never had a real job outside of politics. That's not true. He leaves out part of his work history. I know for a fact that early in his working life, he had a part time job as a driveway attendant at a suburban service station. Doesn't that count? I pointed this out in a letter to the editor which was not printed.

I can't comment on Michael O'Brien, as I don't know him. Some politicians are career politicians with little grasp of the real world. Matthew Guy isn't one of them.

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Scottyboy said...


How often at school, did our English teachers impress upon us, the importance of backing up statements with evidence?

Research, people.