Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lurking in the darkness

Several faith based organisations and non governmental organisations including the Bible Society, Micah Challenge, Salvation Army, Tear Fund, and World Evangelical Alliance have joined forces to highlight the issue of corruption.

They aim to collect 1 million signatures to present to world leaders attending the G20 Summit in Brisbane in November 2014.

Every year Transparency International releases its corruption perceptions index. In 2013, Denmark and New Zealand were deemed to be the world's least corrupt countries, and Aghanistan, North Korea, and Somalia judged as the most corrupt. That's hardly something to brag about, is it?

It is estimated that the cumulative cost of worldwide corruption is $1 trillion per year. This figure is comprised of the cost of corporate tax evasion and tax evasion by wealthy individuals. Think of the public goods that such a some of money could be used to provide, like healthcare, education, clean water, and food security, for example. This alone would save thousands of lives.

As well as being a justice issue, this is also a spiritual issue. It is a clear reminder, if any is needed, of a world under the curse of sin (Romans 8:22). It also gives the Old Testament warnings against those who acquire wealth through unjust means fresh resonance (Proverbs 16:8, 21:6, 22:16, 28:16, Jeremiah 17:11, 22:13, Ezekiel 22:13, Habakkuk 2:9).

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