Friday, November 08, 2013

Read something, dummy

The facts speak for themselves. Reliable research from reputable sources shows that literacy in the United States is in a parlous state. There's no reason to believe that the situation in Australia would be any better. 

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Scott McPhee said...


What are the causes of declining levels of literacy in the US?

In the case of Australian school students, it has been suggested that this is due to several things.

Firstly, technology. Computer spell checkers and, school children no longer being taught how to spell words through memorization and rote learning.

Then, techniques used to teach reading. I'm no expert, but apparently something called the 'whole word method' is popular.

I tried to remember how we learned to read at school. First, did we learn how to recognize individual letters, and their sounds when read aloud. From there, we progressed to whole words, and basic sentences, like,

"I'm at school."