Monday, August 05, 2013

Crazy times

The above screen grab is from the ABC's vote compass website. Filling out a short questionnaire about different policies will purportedly show you where you fit on the Australian political landscape. Apparently I'm a social conservative as opposed to socially liberal, and rather than having blind faith in the free market, on the left wing economically.

The grid shows that I am markedly different from the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal Party, or the Australian Greens. Then again, I have 61 per cent agreement with Labor, even though I have never voted for them and never will, 55 per cent with the Greens, and 53 per cent with the Liberals.

Looking at the party leaders, I rate Liberal leader Tony Abbott and Greens leader Christine Milne as being more competent than Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott has yet to be tested in government. As the leader of a small party, despite reports of internal tensions, Christine Milne appears able to run a tight ship. I see Kevin Rudd as the most mediocre Prime Minister Australia has ever had, at least in my lifetime, which is why I rate him so poorly here.

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