Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh, Canada (sigh)

Australia almost joined the mere handful of countries around the world that have legalized same sex marriage, but this week the legislation failed to pass the Federal Parliament. I have written here previously same sex marriage campaigners have attempted to persuade church groups, faith based organisations, and individual Christians who have raised concerns about these proposals that there would be no adverse consequences for them if these reforms became law.

Let's look at two other jurisdictions that introduced same sex marriage some years ago; Canada and Massachusetts.

To summarize, if Canada and Massachusetts are any indication, it is highly likely that if same sex marriage laws are implemented in Australia, it is highly likely that eventually a member of the clergy who declines to marry a same sex couple, or if a church declines a booking for a same sex marriage, they will have legal action taken against them.

This isn't being alarmist, it is a statement of the obvious. All the more reason for me to never become a pastor.

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