Saturday, March 10, 2012

The smug rating one driver

This is a mini photo essay on Melbourne's hoon culture. The first picture is from a roadside advertising billboard from the Victorian government's Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The TAC's own research shows that excessive speed is one of the major factors in road accidents. 287 people were killed on Victoria's roads in 2011. For instance, research undertaken by Professor Jack McLean of the University of Adelaide has shown that the risk of involvement in a casualty crash doubles with each 5 kilometre per hour increase in free travelling speed above 60 kilometres per hour, and a 5 kilometre per hour reduction in speed can result in a decrease of at least 15% in the number of crashes.

Secondly is a picture of some burnout marks in a sports reserve car park near my home. This is precisely the sort of behaviour that shows that some men never grow up; they just graduate to playing with bigger, more elaborate, and more expensive toys. This explains why they feel the need to destroy their tyres in a an attempt to impress their mates, or possibly a female companion.

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