Monday, November 14, 2011

Return of the pedantry corner

Has anyone heard of Adolph Hilter (sic), the Nazi dictator whose evil and insatiable thirst for power brought suffering and death upon millions of people during the Second World War, and changed the world forever? No, neither have I. That's the problem with word processors. Some people have blind faith in spell checkers and therefore don't bother to proof read their documents. It's overstating things to say that mistakes of this kind don't do much to help you present a professional image to the public. Pedantry and haughtiness aside, trucking magnate Lindsay Fox has a portion of his car collection on display in a purpose built facility in the Docklands precinct in Melbourne. Each car has an information board that tells you about its history, and the collection is popular with car enthusiasts and school groups.  

This sign above explains that the Volkswagen originated in 1938 in Nazi Germany. Those who prepared this display might have trouble with spelling, but on the other hand they probably know way more about cars and automotive technology than I do. This is coming from a man who once couldn't get his car started because it was in reverse and not park.

The centre is staffed by volunteers, and Lindsay Fox donates all of the proceeds from admission fees to charity. Fox is obviously passionate about his cars. While I don't begrudge him for his unique (and expensive) hobby, the common man like me has no aspiration of ever owning a prestige car, let alone several. Playing Forza Motorsport on Xbox 360 will satisfy my longings for driving such a car.

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