Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Country bumpkin

Australian Political Quiz
Your Result: National Party
The smaller coalition partner with the Liberal Party.  Despite sharing most policies, the Nationals focus on rural and country policy as opposed to urban and city policies and subsequently during coalition governments they hold rural ministries, policies include;
-Reform and simplification of regulations. -Individual labour bargaining. -Tax cuts for business, upper and lower income earners. -Protection of farmers and miners from cheaper foreign imports. -Strong immigration and border patrol systems.
Liberal Party
Family First Party
Australian Labor Party
Australian Greens
Australian Political Quiz
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Goodness knows how accurate they are, but these quizzes are a bit of fun in quiet patches during the day. Considering I have always been a city dweller, I was very surprised to find myself categorised as a National Party voter. For the benefit of this blog's reader who is not from Australia, in Australian politics the Nationals are a conservative party that aims to represent the interests of rural communities.

In all my nineteen years of voting, I have never lived in a rural electorate, so I've never voted for them. One good thing about voting in Australia is that you may vote for any party you wish. At times I have voted for all of the parties on this list, with the exception of the radical left-wing Australian Greens. Last year I voted in both federal and state elections, and each time I deliberately put the Greens last on my ballot paper. I put a far right nationalist party second last, from memory.


Nathan D said...

I got Greens, I do lean some ways with Greens but there are some things I don't agree with at all.

Ross said...

I can understand why the Greens would appeal to some Christians, but I think they are far too radical and dangerous to vote for.

His Lordship The Gun-Toting Atheist said...

It talks about a border patrol... Australia has a border patrol? We're talking about maritime borders, correct?