Friday, February 04, 2011

Australian crawl

This snippet of news caused me to quizzically furrow my brow. A game developer is planning to release a swimming game that uses the Xbox 360's Kinect motion sensor controller featuring American Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, called Push the Limit. This conjures up all sorts of funny mental pictures of people standing in front of their television screen playing this game by flailing their arms and legs about in the air to mimic swimming strokes. It will look even more ridiculous than someone doing Zumba. This won't be a game for the self conscious. If you plan to buy this game, close your curtains so your neighbours can't see you and laugh at your faux swimming antics as you're playing it.


Scott McPhee said...

What a nice dog photo. It reminded me of a certain dog that we once knew.

Ross said...

Yes, except he only went swimming a couple of times when he fell in someone's fish pond.