Thursday, September 09, 2010

Things that make you go hmm

This is what happened to a Christchurch bookshop in last weekend's earthquake. A pile of books is strewn all over the floor. One of the most beautiful cities in the southern hemisphere suffered an estimated $4 billion damage, and thousands of people have been affected, but thankfully nobody was killed. I couldn't help but notice the tome in the foreground of this picture, which I haven't read, by the way. Without wanting to make light of this event and the devastation it caused, this picture is an attempt to find some humour in it, in an obscure Aussie/Kiwi type way. I'm definitely not suggesting that the quake was an act of God's judgement, but it appears that the anonymous photographer has a sense of humour and an eye for irony.


Kitty said...

Interesting books, and definitely made me go hmm.....hope all is well with you Ross.

By the way, I've started to post a 30-Day Challenge in September. Please feel free to comment bro.

JD Curtis said...

Right. That's the first thing I noticed about that photograph as well.

Scottyboy said...

Interesting comments here.

I just noticed your profile picture.

Is that the Autobot, Outback, from series Three of Transformers?

As I recall, did he not speak with a cockney sounding accent, perhaps because given Outback's name, the producers of Transformers decided, "Let's make him sound Australian!"

Ross said...

Yes, that's right. Well spotted. You almost expect him to start singing, "With A Little Bit O' Luck."