Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ecosocial utopia?

One of the few positive things to come out of the recent federal election was the election of the Democratic Labor Party's John Madigan to the Senate. Family First's Steve Fielding was not re-elected, but for the next six years there will be another Christian voice in the Senate. In my view this is sorely needed. I am deeply concerned about the implications of the Labor/Greens alliance. In a worst case scenario, it's possible that during this term of Parliament, we will see the legalization of voluntary euthanasia, the liberalization of drug laws, same sex couples given marriage rights, and perhaps other as yet unrevealed radical policies. As I've written elsewhere on this blog, I feel particularly strongly about the euthanasia issue.

As a Christian commenting on politics, I should point out that I'm not a theocrat; if I was I'd move to Utah. My comments are informed by my understanding that whether they like it or not, our political leaders have an enormous responsibility both to God and the people they serve to legislate and govern justly. I find it hard to write these words, but I pray for every politician, regardless of their political affiliation or ideology, that they would recognize and accept this responsibility. Since it is because of the sovereignty of God that they even hold office, in a similar way, it is my responsibility as a Christian to pray for our political leaders, even if some of them are openly hostile towards God and His standards.


JD Curtis said...

I feel particularly strongly about the euthanasia issue

Someone recently said (I think it was Vox Day) that whenever it is decided that euthanasia is permitable under X, then X has a tendency to expand. Especially when there is a financial incentive in it.

Ross said...

Hello JD,

Thanks for your comments. Vox is exactly right. It strikes me as somewhat ironic that the Greens believe in animal rights and conservation, but seem untroubled by the idea of abortion or euthanasia on demand.

Anonymous said...

Why do you presume that Christians, especially those of a right-wing persuasion, are necessarily pro-life?

Especially if you are familiar with what I call applied (right-wing) Christian politics as described in these references.


Note the dreadful sado-masochistic film referred to in the last reference.

The recent Avatar film was very much about the applied and lived culture of life versus the brutally applied "culture" of death.

Having already "created" a dying planet (just like us), the techno-barbarian invaders were compelled by the inexorably "logic" of their "culture" to invade virgin lands (just like we have always done). Rather than change their way of life.

It was interesting to observe the entirely predictable right-wing group-think response to the film, especially on the part of right-wing "conservative" religionists.

They ALL came out loudly cheering for the technocratic barbarian invaders and their "culture" of death.

Ross said...

I just had a quick look at the links you provided. With the second link, two adjectives come to mind: distorted and depressing.

In any case, don't assume that all Christians think alike on these issues.

I have personal reasons for my strong views on euthanasia. I'm prepared to tell you what they are, but privately.

Christian critics of Avatar responded to it in a variety of ways, and not just in the negative fashion that you described.

Ross said...

You'll find some more reviews of Avatar here as well.