Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brotherly love

In this moving excerpt from his new book, Rage Against God, Peter Hitchens, brother of Christopher, explains how his path diverged from his brother's and returned to faith in God. If nothing else, it's fascinating to see the dynamics of how two people with identical upbringings are poles apart on the question of religious belief or lack thereof. I won't comment further on the question of Christopher's atheism since I haven't read his work, but plan to eventually.


feeno said...

'Sup Boss

I usually don't read something so long unless it has a lot of pictures. But I actually read every bit of this article and wished their was more. Very interesting. I wish I could articulate my thoughts like this dude. I'm not a big book reader so I probably wont read his book, but you never know?

Later Holmes, feeno

JD Curtis said...

Speaking of Hitchins, I just found out today that he came out of the closet. Link

Anonymous said...

Another grumpy old man rediscovering his childhood mommy-daddy religion.

There is not the slightest evidence of a religiously informed consciousness in anything that Peter writes in his "news"-paper articles.