Saturday, January 09, 2010

Glassy sea

Over the past ten years, American band Casting Crowns have firmly established themselves on the Christian music scene. Their album Lifesong was released more than four years ago, but I only listened to it recently when I received it as a Christmas gift. Some Christians need to be reminded that worship is far more than just going to church on Sunday and singing hymns and choruses. It actually involves seeking to honour God with your entire life daily, hence the album's title.

For each track, the liner notes include the Bible verses that inspired their writing, as well as some brief comments explaining what the songs are about. I read these as I listened to the album, and I was particularly impressed by their lyrical depth, grappling with issues of sin, faith, doubt, pain and suffering, and the passionate desire for authentic faith. As a Christian man, some of the Christian music around today doesn't engage me very much. I find it overly romanticised and sentimental. I'm glad to say that this album is a refreshing change, because a band is singing about the Christian life as it really is, and not a rose-coloured glasses caricature of it. I definitely plan to listen to more of their albums when I get the chance.


feeno said...


Thank you for that. I'm not usually into Christian music a whole lot. I do enjoy singing many praise songs at church. But I do respect you and maybe will get a "Casting Crown" CD. My daughters have lots of their stuff.

Late, feen

Ross said...

Hello Feeno,

If you do get a chance to listen to Casting Crowns, you'll be more than pleasantly surprised.

JD Curtis said...

Have you ever hard of "Mercy Me" Ross?

Here's a link to one of their most popular songs over here. It's titled "I can only Imagine".