Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Treasure hunting without magic peepstones

The National Library of Australia recently launched Trove. Trove combines all of the National Library's online discovery services into one search tool. Once testing is completed, with bugs ironed out, additional features added, and improvements made, Trove will replace all of these services to become a national information portal, harvesting content from such a variety of sources, including library, archive and museum collections, university repositories, digitised newspapers, web archives and online biographical databases. A sample search dug up a range of great documents about Australia's longest serving Prime Minister, Robert Menzies. The NLA are to be commended for showing how libraries are still relevant in the Internet age by creating value added web services. Let's see Google try to top that.


Kitty said...

Trove sounds awesome, and very intersting! Thanks for sharing that. I'd definitely love to learn more about it. Can you teach me?

feeno said...

Hey Boss

Libraries have certainly changed here in the USA but still remain very relevant. My wife and daughters still go there quite a bit for different reasons, research, school stuff get copies made etc. But I like it 'cause they will bring about 5 or 6 movies home, we can keep them for weeks and it's all free. Well I do pay my taxes, but some things are worth paying taxes for.

later, feeno

Ross said...

I'm still finding my feet with Trove, so please be patient. :)

One of the values underpinning librarianship is the belief that information should be available and accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay. That's why we've been so proactive in embracing the digital age, seeing it as an opportunity rather than as a threat. The challenge is to adapt rather than be left behind.

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