Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pedantry corner strikes back

Casual observers will notice that one of the trends in Australian politics is that when in opposition, the Liberal Party often attacks Labor governments for what they see as squandering of taxpayers' money. Sometimes this is justified, as was the case with the Cain-Kirner government that held office in Victoria from 1982 to 1992. This government had an appalling record of financial mismanagement. The most tragic result of this was the election of the Kennett government in 1992. In order to repay massive government debt, over the next seven years, Premier Jeff Kennett embarked on an unpopular program of mass public servant sackings, privatization of government utilities, and slashing funding on infrastructure, health, education, and other public goods.

Now Federal Liberal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has picked up the baton, as reported in our national broadsheet, accusing the Rudd Labor government of massive overspending and waste.,25197,26213921-26103,00.html

Pity about the typo in the headline. What's an oppsotion? It just goes to show again that you cannot rely solely on an automated spellchecker. Occasionally it pays to manually proofread your copy. No elephant stamp for you this time, News Limited.


feeno said...

Must be an Australian thing?

Peace, feeno

JD Curtis said...

It looks like there is going to be massive overspending no matter who is in charge. It's the same in this side of the pond.

Ross said...

I'm not disputing that the Australian government needs to do something about reducing carbon emissions, but these things can't be rushed into. We need to take the time to make sure we get it right. This is too important for political point scoring.