Monday, March 09, 2009

Read a book instead

As far as television watching goes, I would describe myself as a discerning viewer, confining myself to a couple of sitcoms, news and current affairs shows, and the occasional documentary. For some reason I decided to take a punt and cast votes in this year's TV Week Logie Awards. 

Given that my tastes in television are probably far removed from the average TV Week demographic, my choices have little chance of actually winning one of these awards, which in any case, I doubt would be causing them too many sleepless nights. Bear in mind that these votes were cast online via the TV Week website, and in each category, I was restricted to a list of preselected names.

Nevertheless, here are my nominations:

Silver Logie - Most Popular Actor

Rob Sitch (Tony, The Hollow Men)

As a long-time consumer of Rob Sitch's creative output, acknowledgement by the Australian viewing public is long overdue.

Silver Logie - Most Popular Actress

Kerry Armstrong (Louisa, Bed Of Roses)

For Ms. Armstrong, winning one of these awards would alongside Montsalvat, Shillinglaw Cottage,
the architecture of Alastair Knox, and befuddling public artworks, lift the profile of Eltham.

Silver Logie - Most Popular Presenter

Shaun Micallef (Newstopia)

It's about time unheralded comic genius and genuine talent was acknowledged.

Gold Logie

I don't particularly care who wins, as long as it's not some soapie star who probably won't have a long and successful acting career anyway.

Most Popular Lifestyle Program


In belated recognition of its broadcasting a story of a friend of mine who has a perfectly preserved collection of cheeseburgers from a multinational fast food chain.

Most Popular Reality Program

The Farmer Wants A Wife

The only reason I voted for this is because I actually watched this program, and its concept is less degrading to the people involved than some of the other choices. It can with some degree of credibility, claim to help people rather than exploit them. On the other hand, you also see hapless singles having their hearts ripped out and stomped upon on national television.

Most Popular Factual Program

Who Do You Think You Are?

This program is genuinely interesting without being voyeuristic.

Most Popular Drama Series

The Strip

To cause Channel 9 embarrassment by having a cancelled series win an award. Of all networks Channel 9 should have known that it's a proven fact that series set on the Gold Coast never work, cf Paradise Beach and Pacific Drive.

Most Popular New Talent: Male

Brian McFadden (Football Superstar)

Because unlike the other choices, I actually know who Delta's other half is, even if he's an overseas blow in.

Most Popular New Talent: Female

Kelly Landry (Getaway). Only because she's not a soapie star with limited shelf life.

Most Popular Sports Program

Before The Game

For reminding us all that football is taken way too seriously.

Most Popular Light Entertainment Program

Review With Miles Barlow

For being funny and clever, in a dark and twisted way.

There you have it. As I say, I'd be very surprised if anything of quality actually wins one of the awards determined by popular vote, and I doubt that I'll even bother watching the Logies broadcast, but it never hurts to express one's views on such matters.


Nerida said...

Hi Ross, your choices sound very well thought out. By the way, is Doug A the cheeseburger guy?

Ross said...

Hello Nerida. Thanks for the comment. It will be interesting to see who actually wins one of the "coveted" brass doorstops. I guess you know Doug A. through your husband's school. Doug was a mutual friend of mine and my brother's from (undergraduate) uni.

FiKaLo said...

Rob Sitch and Shaun Micallef - no complaints there!

Ross said...

Hello Fikalo. Unfortunately for you, neither of them were nominated. Unfortunately for me, nor was the weather presenter on Sunrise.