Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Valleys of green

According to a report issued by BankWest, Eltham, which is part of the Shire of Nillumbik, is the most liveable suburb in Victoria. Too bad I don't live near Eltham anymore. The local council speaks lovingly of the municipality as "the green wedge shire" or "the lungs of Melbourne." Until the end of 2005, I lived in the city of Banyule, which adjoins Nillumbik, and offers a similar quality of life. The picture that accompanies the Age article on this report looks like it was taken in Alistair Knox Park in Eltham, just off Main Road. How heartening it is to see that the duckpond has water in it again. The last time I looked it was empty.

I now live and work for part of the week in the City of Moreland. Unfortunately for the City of Moreland, its living standards, taking into account such indicators as employment levels, crime rates, internet access, health, education levels, earnings, home ownership rates, house sizes, and community involvement, was one of the lower ranked local government municipalities in Victoria. As of this writing it remains to be seen how the local council will respond to this report.

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